I love Heartbreak Clinic. I have felt well cared for from the beginning. I was communicated with my Expert within hours of scheduling my appointment.Literally no complaints. I’m a millennial, and this is my 5th coach. They are hands down excellent.

Nicole Gross

I had one very positive experience with Heartbreak Clinic. My Expert was very knowledgeable and truly suited my needs. She offered so much empathy and insight.

Donna Lewis

Heartbreak Clinic is so convenient if you have a hard time getting to someone to chat (maybe your work a crazy schedule or it’s hard to leave the house) – They are a great option. It’s also really nice to be able to relax at home and start a session.

Jordan Thomas

Coming here, I knew Heartbreak Clinic experts wouldn’t make fun of me: they will answer me with empathy. I felt so much better after the session. I am looking forward to chatting with my Expert again.

Danielle King

I love Heartbreak Clinic!!! You have helped me tremendously with my breakup and continued to find the best version of myself and strengthen self-care. I like being able to talk to someone about what I am feeling without being judged. Thanks, Heartbreak Clinic.

Lea Rivers

I love Heartbreak Clinic. You have genuinely helped me through the pain and heartache in an honest and comforting way, and I cannot thank you enough. I also appreciate the daily affirmations and messages posted in the FB group. My breakup was with someone I’ve been with since high school, but we just weren’t right for each other. I still love him now, but I am learning to love myself more.

Anna Lee